The Curtis School is a private K-6 school nestled in the hills of Mulholland Canyon. As the campus grows, many existing facilities on site are in need of updates and additions. The Ahmanson Building currently holds the auditorium as well as art and science classrooms ranging from 2nd – 4th grades and is receiving the addition of a music room and outdoor laboratory facilities.

Duane Border Design was selected to bring its dynamic approach to landscape design to a physically challenged site. The corridor is incredibly narrow, contains a slope from the terrace level of the Ahmanson Building to the neighboring classroom building, and contains four California Sycamores that the campus intends to retain.

Duane Border Design developed a playful expression of native plant materials, seatwalls and enhanced paving into the environment to make the most of the limited space. Material selections were made in order to provide interactive experiences between students, staff and the natural environment. Drifts of Sage and Deer Grass attract birds and butterflies to the outdoor terraces with the hope for impromptu learning sessions.

The Curtis School is a reflection of Duane Border Design’s commitment to bringing the wonder of the nature into the educational environment.