Duane Border Design is providing landscape master plan and detailed design for the 8.5 acre redevelopment and repositioning of this historic property in Sherman Oaks, California. The mixed-use development is anchored by the existing Sunkist Building and will include a redesign of the landmark office building, as well as, new commercial, residential components and parking structure.

The property offers vibrant streetscapes along the active Riverside Drive corridor at the north and Hazeltine Avenue to the east, while a double row of trees and enhanced setback gardens along Calhoun Avenue respond to the ground level townhomes and neighboring residential homes. The interior open spaces are a composition of linear parks and streetscapes providing outdoor amenities for residents, visitors and the public.

Active amenity courtyards within the residential buildings allow for lounging, dining and entertaining in refined gardens overlooking the Los Angeles River and hills to the south. A pedestrian entry terrace between residential buildings on Calhoun Avenue gives neighboring residents access to the interior parkways and LA Riverfront Park and bikeways.

Tree groves mark the entry points of the linear parks leading to the primary open space, a public park adjacent to the Los Angeles River at the property’s southern edge. Enhanced paving, site furnishings and terraced planters provide a personal scale adjacent to the existing and new building masses with colors and patterns that compliment the agricultural and riverfront history of Sherman Oaks.

Abundant planting will surround plazas, walks and seating gardens to bring the character of the Los Angeles River into the property. The landscape design builds on the riparian character of the river with existing Valley Oaks and significant trees along the southern property line protected and embellished with California Sycamores and Catalina Ironwoods. Native and indigenous plant materials are the foundation of a water-conserving palette providing layers of the natural colors and textures of Southern California.

The project is currently in the entitlement phase and Duane Border Design has been working closely with IMT Residential, Johnson Fain Architects and the community relations team on public input to make the project with an abundance of community benefits with connections to the surrounding neighborhoods and the LA River.