Curbed LA is an amazing blog connecting its readers to the best and brightest in real estate development, community projects, architecture and landscape architecture. So imagine my surprise finding a project I designed listed in a recent post about amazing urban landscape spaces in Los Angeles.

LAPD Public Administration Building (LAPD PAB) is a project that houses the leaders of the LAPD, plus many of my brain cells, ink and callouses on my fingers from drawing (plus a few drops of sweat as I was on site laying out the succulent beds in the First Street Plaza). It’s suffered greatly from a  lack of maintenance, which will soon be a post on this site, but it’s a great example of how civic projects can be more than static pieces of foreboding sculpture – just look at the building to the east of LAPD PAB to see an example of that – but can become public landmarks that encourage interaction with the community they serve.

Check it out #5!