Thousand Islands, in Green City’s Pearl Peninsula, is a masterplanned community developed by Duane Border Design that includes urban retail, hotel/resort, condominium towers and private residences.

The property is sited on a recently developed boulevard with retail and entertainment opportunities and has a majestic mountain range as its backdrop.

The design utilizes the significant natural grade changes to transition from high energy public and special event zones to more intimate demonstration gardens and recreational opportunities for residents and guests.

The demonstration garden, Pearl Gardens, celebrate the age-old tradition of pearl diving in the region and host special events and weddings, in addition to seasonal displays for residents.

Private gardens at the base of the hillside offer residents connections to nature with discovery play areas, recreational courts, meditation gardens, and trailheads for access to the adjacent mountains and lakes.

The design capitalizes on the natural features of the site while meeting the diverse needs of residents, guests and visitors.